Math Help

The transition from elementary school to secondary school can be a challenging time, particularly when it comes to mathematics. As topics become more abstract and more complicated, and as students get involved in a greater variety of extracurricular activities, they may struggle with the workload, even if they had few difficulties in earlier grades. A solid understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts is essential for success. This is even more important as students transition into the senior grades, where concepts become more complex and require a deeper understanding of how they relate to one another.

There are several ways in which Cawthra Park students can get help with mathematics, or numeracy in general.

In-School Help

  • Math Teacher — Available every day during class, a student’s first contact should be with his or her math teacher. He or she can help explain challenging mathematical concepts, or assist with homework questions. If a student wishes to review material with his or her teacher outside of class, a mutually-agreed upon time may be possible to arrange. Check teacher timetables here.
  • Math Department — Students that are unable to speak with their math teacher in class or at another time during the day might enquire at the Math/Business Office on the third floor. Other teachers may be able to answer quick questions. Please be aware that teachers may not be able to answer class-specific questions, or those relating to assignments or other evaluations.
  • Peer Tutors — In this award-winning program, students are paired up with senior students who have demonstrated a good understanding of material covered in previous mathematics courses. Tutoring typically takes place during both lunches, or at another convenient time. For more information, or to request a peer tutor, please enquire in the Connections/Special Education office in Room 201.

After School Help

  • This free after-school program runs on most Tuesdays, from 3:15-4:45. Students have the opportunity to work on homework or other numeracy- and literacy-related material with the help of Cawthra Park staff. Snacks are provided. For a schedule of dates and additional information about the program, come get a form in the Math/Business Office upstairs.
  • Homework Help — TVO’s Independent Learning Centre provides free 1-on-1 online math help with qualified Ontario math teachers to all students in grades 7-10, from 5:30-9:30 Sunday-Thursday. Register for access to live chat or 24/7 resources and tools at their website.
  • MathWiz — Developed by former Cawthra Park math teachers, MathWiz provides students with engaging animated lessons, practice problems, tests and exams corresponding to the Ontario mathematics curriculum. All Grade 9 and 10 students at Cawthra Park have access to this excellent resource. An access code can be obtained from a student’s mathematics teacher.

Other Sources of Help

Various on-line tools can be found on the Resources page. Check them out.